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What is Laravel ?

Laravel is a popular and powerful open-source PHP web application framework used for building modern and robust web applications. It follows the Model-View-Controller (MVC) architectural pattern, providing developers with a structured and organized approach to development. Laravel comes with a rich set of features, including an elegant syntax, built-in support for database management, a powerful ORM (Object-Relational Mapping), routing, middleware, and authentication systems. It also offers a thriving ecosystem of packages through Composer, making it efficient to add functionalities. Laravel's focus on developer productivity, expressive syntax, and extensive documentation has contributed to its widespread adoption in the web development community.

Laravel Syllabus

  1. Introduction to Laravel:

    • Overview of Laravel and its features.
    • Setting up Laravel development environment.

  2. Laravel Routing and Views:

    • Defining routes and views in Laravel.
    • Blade templating engine usage for dynamic content.

  3. Laravel Controllers:

    • Creating and using controllers to handle application logic.
    • Middleware for filtering HTTP requests.

  4. Laravel Database Management:

    • Configuring and connecting to databases.
    • Migrations and database seeding.

  5. Laravel Eloquent ORM:

    • Introduction to Eloquent ORM for database operations.
    • Model relationships (one-to-one, one-to-many, many-to-many).

  6. Form Handling and Validation:

    • Handling forms and form data in Laravel.
    • Implementing server-side form validation.

  7. Laravel Authentication:

    • User authentication and registration.
    • Authentication middleware and protecting routes.

  8. File Uploading and Storage:

    • Uploading and managing files in Laravel.
    • Utilizing Laravel's File Storage capabilities.

  9. Laravel Middleware and Requests:

    • Creating custom middleware for specific tasks.
    • Handling incoming HTTP requests.

  10. RESTful API Development:

    • Building RESTful APIs using Laravel's API resources.
    • API authentication with tokens or Passport.
  11. Laravel Frontend:

    • Integrating frontend frameworks (e.g., Bootstrap) with Laravel.
    • JavaScript and CSS management in Laravel.

  12. Laravel Testing and Debugging:

    • Writing tests for Laravel applications using PHPUnit.
    • Debugging techniques for troubleshooting.

  13. Laravel Deployment:

    • Best practices for deploying Laravel applications.
    • Configuring production environments.